How Email Marketers Can Overcome These 2018 Challenges

As a new year begins, we all start making plans based on the results achieved (or not) last year, as well as improving our strategies to meet new goals. E-mail marketing is a continuously developing industry, so even though your current plan is working, it’s always good to bring something new to the table. Here are a couple of basic tips and tricks that will help you have a successful year by growing your lists and increase your reach numbers.

1. Adapt your programs to motivate subscribers

The fact that there are so many means of entertainment nowadays makes it seem very easy to attract subscribers. However, this is exactly the problem many marketers face: how can you come up with innovative emails that are also original?

Naturally, the best way to find out what your subscribers want is to just simply ask them. This is when A/B split testing becomes a gold strategy. While you stick to the same topic, you can change your subject lines, messages and images (if that’s the case) to see what works best.

2. Make your campaign content more appealing

As 2017 studies have shown, 90% of marketers put in extra efforts to ace social media integration. Obviously, the majority of the studies participants chose Facebook as the main platform for promoting their campaigns.

Simply said, social media rules the charts right now – and email marketing alone isn’t going to be enough for a successful strategy.

As social media platforms are evolving, marketers also get more opportunities than ever to improve their reach and make their offers more entertaining. Considering that 27% of marketers are already utilizing video and 31% create landing pages, these are must-try options that may boots your ROI.

3.Plan ahead and always keep an eye open

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect starting May 25th, 2018 – and contrary to some beliefs, it can affect American marketers’ strategies. This parliamentary measure adds extra protection of user data, which means that we have to be more careful than ever on how and what we do with our customers’ data.

Furthermore, it’s recommended that website owners provide their customers with many ways to control, check and delete information they previously shared with them online. A great suggestion is to add a form field that asks for your new subscribers’ location; this way, you can personalize emails by location to match any criteria required by the EU.

The new year offers us the benefit of a fresh start with new forces and better strategies. Along with these three basic techniques, you should also build a powerful plan that helps you and your audience progress and enjoy each other’s services.

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