Facebook Groups: a New Way of Getting More Blog Traffic

We all know the frustration of putting effort into a blog post… and having zero views. You think there’s something wrong, but every detail falls into place. So what’s really missing there?



Why Community Is Your Key to Success

Frankly, few people pay attention to this aspect in their journey towards virtual success – and that’s exactly why they never reach it. Well, let’s make a small comparison.

Have you ever gone to a new home and instantly felt a great vibe? It just seemed like everything fell in place for you; the views, the discussions, everything seemed to be just what you were looking for.

The same way, you went to places that had nothing to do with you. There was nothing specifically wrong with them, they just didn’t give you a good feeling.

What makes the difference? Community.

If you don’t feel ‘at home’ when you get to a new place, it’s very likely that you will spend much time there. The same goes for your blog.

Every website is like a house party where everyone is invited. New guests will enter the house, take meet the host of the event, check out other people and see how they feel. If you leave the impression that they’re not welcomed, if other people aren’t sociable or the party vibe is boring, they leave. And we all know people are the secret ingredient to an unforgettable experience.

An active community where people talk to you – and each other – makes new readers want to engage. Why? Because it’s always fun and interesting to share opinions with users passionate about the same topics.


The Perfect Place to Build Strong Communities

Considering that your website hasn’t achieved enough popularity until now, it might not be the best place to start a community. But do you know what is?


Facebook is the most effective tool to reach out to people from all over the world. If this social platform was nothing than fun a few years ago, today’s website and app are much more different – and you should take them seriously too.

Thanks to the latest options for Developers, you can create and manage groups where you promote your blog activity.

Here are a couple of reasons why Facebook is the ideal platform to build communities:

  • Facebook attracts huge crowds. Over 71% of the virtual adult population is active on Facebook as well. That’s why you should focus on being there.
  • Facebook users are always active. With this social media platform, you know for sure that your potential readers can be engaged in no time.
  • Facebook fosters the community mindset. The good thing about Facebook is that it already is one big community divided into many small groups (your feed can prove that). This gives you the ideal start to share your ideas and blog posts.

The One Facebook Feature That Works

Since you have a website, you manage a Facebook page that represents it as well. Recently, though, the company modified its algorithm, thus decreasing your post reach a lot. In other words, only a small part of the people who liked your page actually gets to see what you’re sharing.

That’s why more and more bloggers are moving their efforts towards a whole different feature: Facebook groups.

Here are your main benefits of using Facebook groups:

  • You get a bigger reach than by just sharing things on your Facebook page;
  • Just the idea of being part of a group (virtual or real) encourages people to engage more, to read your posts and start talking to each other;
  • If you make your group invitation-based, you give a sense of exclusivity, which will make even more people want to join.

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