How You Can Benefit from the New Instagram Ad Feature

One of the most popular social media platforms of 2018, Instagram started as an app designed to show 1:1 aspect ratio photos. Today, though, each of us can post landscape, portrait and even full-screen Stories all day long.

Although it sounded like good news, this option got many marketers in trouble. Different ratios imply creating different types of content for each post category – and we all know time is money.

Gladly, Instagram finally seems to have understood this issue and is ready to change the game.

The social media app just announced that, when an advertiser uploads content that is square or landscape, Instagram will automatically turn it to fit full screen.

But there are some rules to it.

The new feature only works for one photo or a video under 15 seconds. Of course, every piece of media has to adhere to the Instagram Feed aspect ratios. If your creative is square or landscape, the usual ‘Learn more’ button will be added right underneath the picture, like this:


However, there’s a disadvantage about it too. If the image is taller than a square, there will be no ad text shown. In this case, it would be best that you design your own campaign just the way you want it.

Instagram will use a pixel matching technology, which may improve your chances of gaining new customers.

Basically, the app ‘studies’ the dominant colors of your image and changes the text appearance to match it perfectly. This gives viewers a sense of unity, thus making them more likely to check out your content.

According to the app representatives, this new feature wants to encourage marketers to focus more on the Stories advertising options. We don’t know how much of an impact will this change have, but it’s definitely worth the try if you’re curious!

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