How to Write Social Media Content That Really Sells

Writing a piece of content is extremely easy.

Don’t think so? Just check your social media feed. It’s full of cheesy, low-quality content.

When we talk about writing content that’s actually good and sells, though, things are different. High-quality texts are very challenging, especially when you want yours to be original, informative and entertaining.

Although creating social media content seems easier at first, it requires just the same ingredients as a 2000-word blog post: enthusiasm, confidence, information.

Let’s have a look at the 5 main things you need to create powerful social media content that increases your sales:


1. Focus on Authenticity, Not Perfection

If you’re a perfectionist, you may find that this step has both benefits and disadvantages. We all have a tendency of overly-working on a piece of content until we feel like it’s perfect to us.

Well, that doesn’t really happen.

Focusing too much on quality blocks creative mindsets, which leads to dull, unoriginal posts. It’s best to stay relaxed, let your imagination flow and then work with its product.

Most writers like to schedule certain days when all they do is write: no notifications, no games and no other distractions that may interrupt creativity.

2. Just Publish It Already!

Regardless if you’re a beginner or an expert, we all get butterflies in our stomach before publishing a self-written post.

Is it good enough? Did I exaggerate with that sentence? Am I even entertaining or it’s all in my mind?

Unfortunately, none of those questions will lead to a good result. Truth be told, your content may convert to sales or it may be forgotten by everyone.

Either way, there’s something to learn from it.

You may even be surprised to find that a post you don’t have faith in might have a better impact than the one you think it’s perfect! The process of trial and error is the best way to find out what your audience really wants. Go ahead and do it!


3. Keep Writing

As we mentioned earlier, your creativity can reach the highest peak when you focus only on writing. However, it doesn’t mean that you should give up on that habit and write just once a month.

Every skill takes constant practice, which is why you should also integrate at least 20 minutes of content creation into your daily schedule. You can write anything related to your field – what really matters is to get down to it.

Although you may not find certain pieces of content useful, when you get back to them, you can definitely create intriguing posts and even combine them into a powerful blog post.

Also, make sure to always have mementos or post-its nearby. Whenever you find an interesting idea or sentence, write it down so you can work on it when you have time. This simple habit increases your creativity and helps you see solutions in everything, not just writing.


Just like any other domain, content creation will never work if you’re afraid to expose your beliefs and even fears. Creating a habit out of writing is just one of the many steps towards successful posts – but it is crucial. We all learn by practice, so open that notebook and give your best shot!


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