The First Steps to Gaining Twitter Followers 100% Organically

Regardless of your virtual area of interest, social media is the Holy Grail of potential customers ready to increase your views and sales. However, simply sharing your content daily won’t get you the results you want.

Every social platform needs its own strategy – and Twitter makes no exception. Sure, we all know the power of hashtags and short, yet powerful messages; but I bet you never thought about using multiple accounts for the same business!

Every single day, your social media post reach decreases. Many website owners rely their strategy on the misconception that only ads can gain them new followers. While that’s a helpful option, it’s not the only viable solution!


Make Twitter Work for You (Not the Other Way Around!)

No matter how successful your business is right now, you definitely have an endless to-do list to deal with every day. Considering what it takes to manage a company, I’m pretty sure Twitter isn’t the first thing on the list.. or the tenth.. or it may not even fit in your daily schedule at all.

Before we get into details, let’s have a look at the benefits offered by Twitter for business and how you can use it in your favor.

The main goal is to work on your account until it can run on ‘auto-pilot.’ In other words, you want your social media platform to continue being successful without taking up too much of your time.

Here are the main tips that will get you started:

Optimize Your Twitter Profile Page

You may create powerful, engaging posts and have a good strategy. Without a powerful profile page, though, it may all be in vain. These are the crucial elements you need to take care of before anything else:

  • Make sure your logo fits perfectly in the profile picture box;
  • Include keywords representative for your domain of work in bio (it helps people find you much quicker); also, add a short URL to your website or recent post;
  • Experiment with theme colors that match your cover photo and profile pic. Avoid yellow and black because people can barely see clickable elements on your page;


Set Up a Content Queue of Tweets

After creating a high-quality profile page, the next step is creating good content. Although sharing interesting information or photos is great, your goal remains to attract people to your website. Most of your posts should reflect that, in one way or another. Here’s a great way to start:

  • Get your most successful website posts and create a good post that put a spotlight on them.
  • Create a repeating queue of your best posts and share them the exact same way; however, make sure that you don’t share the same Tweet more than once in a week.
  • Once you figure out the most engaging website post, create multiple tweets that link back to that piece of content. Make sure to change every detail of the post so it feels brand new every time.


Grow Your Twitter Followers

When it comes to this social platform, the most certain way of gaining more followers is to follow them first. Yes, I know, many people don’t enjoy doing it. However, we’re not talking about bulk-following random accounts and hoping for the best. In fact, that’s precisely how you ruin your virtual strategy.

Look for Twitter users who share your business interests and who you think will enjoy your content. According to statistics, about 20% of everyone you follow will follow you back.


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