8 Winning SEO Strategies to Get More Users on Your Website (Part 1)

If you’re here, it means we both want the same thing: an efficient way of gaining more virtual popularity.

The problem? There are 1.3 billion other website owners who want the same thing.

Talk about competition..

Considering there are only so many strategies out there, originality is definitely out of question. In fact, the key of success is just doing what successful marketers do – but better.

And if you’re not doing anything to promote your website right now, you’re just on the wrong path.

Here is a quote I often like to refer to when it comes to online advertising:

Simply put, no matter how good your content may be, people aren’t just magically going to find your website and follow you! Your writing may be compelling, your advice may be good and your photos may look amazing… but unless you shout a little, you don’t stand a chance in front of others.


SEO, the Certain Road to Success

If you’re a newbie to online advertising, Search Engine Optimization is the first thing to look up in the dictionary. This range of strategy based on the content you create can get your website to the top of Google search results.

And that’s the Holy Grail of virtual popularity.

Statistics already proved that having (at least) a blog category on your website increases your traffic by 3 to 3.5 times compared to company websites without a blog. However, just writing things isn’t a clear path to success. You need to know how and what to write precisely.

Regardless if you’ve already started a blog or not, the 8 techniques we’re going to list below are essential to getting more visitors.


Find the Right Topics

Creating unique content is vital for your Google ranking, but trying to be the first to write a specific thing is a waste of time. Almost every information there is has already been published by someone – and being that kind of original isn’t even what you should be after!

As we’ve mentioned before, the key is doing what other successful bloggers do – but better.

How? Research.

Let’s say your website is about cookies. The first step to figuring out what to write is to simply Google other cookies or cooking blogs. The first Google search results are what you should do too. If the most popular posts include cookie recipes, for instance, your blog posts should cover that as well.

The only trick here is to add some extra information to what others already wrote – or to combine existing info in an original, compelling way.

Optimize Your Posts

Once you discovered the main topics you should cover in your blog, the next step is to improve the SEO of your post.

Google algorithms have a set of rules that web pages have to meet in order to become more popular. Each of these steps relates to the main keyword you’ve chosen for a specific article.

Going back to the cookies example, let’s say you wrote an article about the best cookie recipes of 2018. Well, that’s exactly the keyword you should repeat at least a couple of times in your page.

These are the key areas where your keyword should be to increase your Google ranking:

  • Post Title
  • The first paragraph of your post
  • Your SEO description (in case you’re using WordPress and don’t have an SEO plugin installed, do it now)
  • The URL of the post page
  • A couple of times throughout the article itself depending on its length


Structure Your Content

It’s pretty obvious that you can’t just write 1,000 words and post them as they are. Every piece of content requires paragraphs, subheadings, titles, quotes and other tricks to make it look good.

But it’s not just about the visual experience. Firstly, a well-structured post makes it easier for people to read it. It just flows. The secret here is that search engines work the same way too!

When inspecting a web page, search engines check whether the content is displayed in a friendly way. The more headings you use, for example, the quicker Google discovers that you have a high-quality website. And a high-quality website means you’re going to the top!


Stick with us to find all of the essential tips to skyrocket your website and make it rank first in Google searches!



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