How to Use Your Domain Name for Online Marketing

Using a single domain name to put your brand out there is part of the natural advertising process. What many don’t know, though, is that choosing and exploiting domain names is a real business that can grow your virtual popularity.

Sure, using one domain name is fine, but why not add more and improve your marketing?

I’m going to be honest here: domain name registering isn’t the most popular, nor the most important strategy for businesses. However, it can give you extra benefits quickly and easily.

Today, we’ll have a look at some of the most effective ways to use domain names to increase your Google ranking and virtual popularity:


Highly Targeted Campaigns

Let’s say you want to start a special marketing campaign that may last for a little while. Depending on whether you want to address the campaign to new people or use your usual website audience, registering a new domain may be useful.

The new domain name should be tailored to the theme and purpose of the campaign, but it could also include something specific to your brand. This domain should lead to a landing page customed to put a spotlight on your ideas and purpose.

Where to use it? Giveaways, special events, loyalty programs, contests or trade shows are just a couple of situations where getting a new domain name is worth it.



Specific Products and Services

While you can see every product included in the Coca Cola brand on their website, the company also has separate websites for its most popular products (such as Diet Coke). If there’s a product or service launched by your brand that needs to stand out, it should have its own domain name.

The website of your business is a sum of every project your currently manage – and that’s great. However, being able to offer a closer look to your best items or service will increase customers’ interest instantly.

If you’re the owner of a marketing company, but you also have an online marketing course for sale, the course should have its own space for marketing. You can get a domain name exactly as the name of the course, or just be innovative and introduce your personal branding as well.


Creative Hints

Don’t have a specific name for your marketing strategy? No problem. In fact, this may even be an opportunity to come up with a domain name that’s great for Google ranking too.

Here are a couple of ideas to start with:

  • Particular day (example: blackfridaypromotions)
  • Seasonal/Holiday (example: christmasgiveaways)
  • Location (example: toplondonperfumery)

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