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This New Facebook Tool Lets Users Rate Your Customer Service

The world of virtual advertising is about to change for both customers and marketers. Due to the new ‘Leave Feedback’ tool designed by Facebook, customers can rate the service quality for every advertiser they collaborate with.

Now considering that Facebook is the most often accessed platform in the world, it’s time to take a second look at the services you offer. As soon as the tool gains popularity (which shouldn’t take too long), you will find out exactly what people think of your strategy.


The Theory Behind the New Tool

Note that the ‘Leave Feedback’ tool will only appear to users who ended up on a business page after clicking on its ad. If you get a dangerous amount of negative reviews, your page will receive an official Facebook alert stating the issue.

The downside of this system is that you won’t be able to see how many customers rated your services, nor the exact rating you received.

Users can also access the tool via their Recent Ad Activity tab; here, they can see every recent ad they clicked on. The ‘Leave Feedback’ button offers three options: Satisfied, Neutral and Dissatisfied. The user will then pick either of these ratings, which will be registered by Facebook.

Furthermore, users also have the option to leave anonymous feedbacks over their experience with your brand. In theory, this tool encourages people to express their honest opinion over a certain business.


The Consequences of Leaving Feedback

If your company gets too many negative reviews, you will get a notification letting you know that something’s wrong with your strategy. At that point, you need to start improving your business.

“This could mean doing things like setting clear expectations about shipping speed upfront or providing more transparency about return policies,” says Facebook. The company further explains that every effort is based on good intentions and a desire of improvement.

If you receive multiple notifications, but fail to improve your business, Facebook will reduce the number of ads you can run on social media. However, other users won’t be able to see the reviews you get.

“The information is quite relevant for our business. This helps us track consistency with our own customer satisfaction data and it helps us prioritize issues to work on,” says the co-founder and COO of Flyrobe, an advertiser on Facebook.

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