How Mobile Is Taking Over the Virtual Market Experience

As we speak, at least 40% of online transactions are happening via mobile. Whether it’s a browser, an app or even the App Store itself, the world is headed towards smartphone shopping.

But are marketers ready for this change?

As the mobile industry keeps getting better with every second, businesses worldwide are striving to improve their technology and reach costumers as fast as possible. However…


Mobile Success Takes More Than Just Being There

Naturally, the first step towards making your company noticed is to be present in the online environment. However, just creating an app doesn’t mean people will like it too.

According to Google, 51% of consumers dislike brands whose websites are not optimized for smartphone use. Even more than that, the search engine found that nearly 50% of consumers don’t trust brands with poorly designed websites enough to purchase anything!

Thankfully, most website themes are now automatically optimized, so getting yours ready for a mobile experience isn’t that much of a struggle. However, good looks are just part of the equation.


Here are the top 3 reasons why people don’t buy from a mobile site:

1. Loads slowly (51%)

2. It’s difficult to navigate on (50%)

3. Difficult to find what they’re looking for (47%)


In other words, even the smallest details have a big impact on your sales numbers. Ultimately, 73% of virtual consumers will switch to a high-quality website with another one that makes buying easier.


Apps Matter Less (But They Mean More)

This is the harsh truth of the mobile marketing industry: your app may be good, but customers don’t really care about it.

Statistics say that 42% of consumers never thought about installing their favorite brand’s app and 25% of them didn’t even know this option was possible.

Regardless of your domain of activity, creating a high-quality mobile version of your site is much more important than designing an app. Period.

However, we have to admit that apps create a much stronger bond with customers. If you spend time and energy to gain your clients’ trust and interest, chances are they will want to download your app too.

And seeing your logo and your name a dozen times a day on a phone screen is what makes your sales go up.

Make sure not to push your visitors too much into downloading your app: numbers show that 63% of users will delete an app when they feel like they were ‘forced’ to do get it in the first place.


Although it may seem like a newly discovered island, mobile marketing is gaining territory and upgrading constantly. Overall, though, it’s just like any other type of marketing: put customers first and you’ll get your share of success.

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