This Is Why People Aren’t Downloading Your App

For app owners it’s hard to gain recognition because both the Google and Apple app stores are oversaturated, not to mention the time and money you invest into creating a functioning app. If you’re an app owner, you probably know that the most disappointing thing you’re dealing with it’s the low number of app downloads and this could happen due to many reasons. The best way to resolve this problem it’s understanding the cause to get rid of future failures. Check out what you can do to avoid these failures!

Lack of market research

No matter what you’re trying to create you need to have good researched actionable data and insights and this includes the market demand and the sort of competition you could face. Based on all these findings you’ll be able to decide if the idea is worth pursuing. In case, you’re getting a ‘No’ then it’s in your best interests to drop the idea.


Inconsistency across platforms

To create a functioning app an entrepreneur should offer the same app experience across multiple devices and this doesn’t always occur, because apps made for one device fail to work in the same way on another device and this is due to the lack of platform understanding. It’s better to establish an understanding of how your app should work, if you’re making on for different platforms.


Questionable app testing

To ensure your app it’s free of any glitches and bugs you need to test it. Always have in mind that apps with bugs are good to no one, so make sure there’s no margin for error. Run your app through various testing phases to be sure you will not lose your future app-users. Send it for submission only when you think the app is in the best shape to impact your audience.


Wrong timing

This is an underestimated step because few entrepreneurs understand its importance. For example, if you’re developing an app for kids, it’s best to launch it around their vacations. There’s a higher chance of getting more engagement from kids compared to say, when it’s exam time or start of the academic session. The same concept applies to all the different kinds of apps. Figure out what time of the year best matches your app’s concept.

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