3 Tips to Skyrocket Your Google Ads Campaign In 2021

‘New year, new me’ or as I like to think as a marketer, ‘New year, better ads’ – or at least that’s what we all dream of.

But are we really doing the right things to increase the profitability of our campaigns?

By now, we already know that Google Ads has the biggest potential of increasing your company’s revenue easily. What many marketers still don’t know is how to maximize this potential to their benefit.

The fact that Google optimizes ads according to the customer and viewers definitely helps a lot. However, this optimization process isn’t always 100% accurate, nor does it always fir your clients’ interests. This is where you should step in.

From integrating data to succeed over your competition, today we’ll learn 3 ways you can gain control over your Google Ads campaigns successfully.


  1. Declutter!

When you have tens of campaigns ongoing, each with its own design, goal and keyword, it can seem nearly impossible to track them all at all times.

Unless you do, though, you’ll most likely end up spending considerably more than you earn through these Google Ads initiatives. I know, I know: there are countless variables, Google issues new terms every day and it all seems overwhelming.

The solution? Declutter.

Now there are two ways you can do that. Firstly, you can check the essential data using only two reports, the Search Query Report and the Quality Score. These are considered to be the most relevant tools for campaign analysis and you can base new decisions and strategies on their data.

The second solution would be compressing all the essential data into a single program which analyzes your campaign performance. You can start by trying a cleaning tool such as SEISO.


  1. Spend smarter

With Google Ads, you have two options: spend a fortune on keywords without getting the results you want or learn to spend less, but smarter and become successful.

I’m not saying keywords and placement levels don’t matter. In fact, they’re both essential components of a good and ultimately effective campaign. However, you should focus on user profiles in equal amounts.

User profiles are basically a combination between the users’ declarative information (name, location, birthdate etc.), Google Analytics shared data and data collected from their searches (i.e. if one user Googles shoe trends, he’s keen on fashion).

If you want to analyze your user profiles, you must look at demographics, their location, the devices they use, their main preferences and hobbies. Then, you can adjust your bids according to this data as well.


  1. Work on aesthetics

Did you know that an average internet user gets about 6000 ads every single day? I’m providing this information just to give you an idea on the level of competition awaiting you in this domain.

The creative quality of a Facebook Ads campaign weighs 80% on average; experts suspect the same statistic applies to Google Ads as well.

But aside from quality, what else can you do to make sure you have a successful campaign?

Well, there’s no single recipe for success so far. You can think of it more as a trial-and-error, long-term process that requires simply trying multiple designs and concepts. Specialists recommend you to try between 3 and 5 ads in an ad group.

Note that even if you find a successful formula, it may not work forever, which is why you must always keep track on your campaign evolution.


Regardless if you’ve been trying Google Ads for a while or you’ve just embarked for this journey, it’s all about embracing the process and trying to make the most out of every dollar you spend. Keep reading the data, compare your ideas and stay innovative!

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