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The Two Key-Techniques to Craft an Eye-Catching Website Homepage

What’s the most important thing about a website?

Today, most people’s answers would probably include words like ‘functionality,’ ‘user-friendly’ or ‘engaging.’

If you were to ask the same question decades ago, though, there was no doubt about it: it was the homepage.

Although the homepage of a website is clearly important as it speaks for the brand you own, specialists don’t prioritize it as they would have in the past – and the reason is simple.

Most users nowadays are accessing web pages via ads or ‘swipe-up’ features on social media which send them to a landing page, blog content, video or a shopping item. Few ads are designed to send people to the homepage of a website since marketers want to target a certain product or service instead of the brand in general.

Due to this process, the importance of landing pages or blog pages has increased so much that many web designers and company owners end up crafting ‘standard’ homepages that lack any points of interest. This is perhaps one of the biggest traps one may fall into in 2021 design-wise.

But just think about this question: how often have you purchased a product or service without looking at the home page first?

Homepages are still a very important part of your brand and they can make a real difference in your conversion rate. Today, we’ll have a look at 2 main techniques you should take into account to optimize your homepage and turn it into a unique staple for your brand.


  1. Good copy first, good design falls second

Regardless if you’re a first-time website owner or you’re looking to improve your website, design seems to be the most important aspect. To some extent, this is absolutely true: people need to be visually engaged while navigating through your content easily, right?

While I’m not denying the importance of good design, I think what really matters in this scheme is your homepage copy.

Why? Firstly, because your homepage is meant to provide as much information as possible about your brand identity and products in a concise, engaging way. And that’s no easy task.

Donald Miller, founder of StoryBrand, advises everyone to focus on the solutions you bring into your customers’ lives to solve their problems, rather than simply stating who you are.

This is why it’s crucial to take as much time as possible to find the right words that define how you can help others improve their life in a simple, affordable way.


  1. Pick a powerful Call to Action

It might be surprising to many website owners, but the most important part of your homepage is actually its CTA. Why? Because this concept can empower people to take action and sign up for your newsletter, join your community or any other goal you set for your brand.

Here are just a few ideas you can use for your homepage:

  • Take a quiz
  • Start a trial for your service
  • Register/join your community

If you double-check the shortlist, you’ll probably be surprised to find that ‘Buy now!’ isn’t recommended. In fact, it’s best to avoid it by all means because it might destroy your users’ trust immediately.

While your homepage is part of your final goal of increasing the conversion rate, its actual purpose is to start a good relationship with new customers – one that says ‘I care about you and want to help’ rather than ‘Give me your money.’


From your homepage to landing pages, blog posts and ads to social media accounts, every virtual aspect of your business is a puzzle piece you must design perfectly to create a unique recipe of success. In the end, if you truly care about your clients and show your best services for them, your sales numbers will inevitably go up as well.

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