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3 Magic Rules to Create a Memorable Slogan for Your Brand


‘What defines your brand?’

This is the main question I like to ask all business owners. Why? Because knowing the core concept behind an idea is the very fuel for everything else: your brand name, products, services, website, logo, absolutely every detail must uniquely represent your core values.

When business owners don’t know precisely what defines their brand or what they want to inspire, that’s when ideas get mixed up and they lose the potential of their ideas.

Now, if you’ve established your brand identity, that’s great. If you’re still struggling, our post right here can help you find the ONE word that defines your brand through several simple steps.

If you have a name for your brand and you know its identity, the next step is the slogan.

And that’s where many people have a problem.

We all know the power of having a great, memorable slogan. This is the ultimate proof of how impactful a few words can be, if we choose them wisely.

But how do we do that – and, most importantly, how do we know we’ve made the right decision before making our new slogan official?

Today, we’ll check out the 3 basic rules experts recommend following to come up with an extraordinary slogan that stands out for your brand.


  1. Make it simple

If there’s one thing every marketing expert recommends, it’s this one: your tagline should be as simple as possible. Why?

Because, in this case, less truly means more.

Let’s just think about the most memorable slogans in the world:

Just do it. I’m lovin’ it. Think different. Open happiness.

If you ask me, those three-word sentences will always beat M&M’s ‘Melts in your mouth, not in your hands’ (and that’s probably the reason why many people have no idea this is the M&M tagline).

Your slogan shouldn’t describe what your company does or the products you sell. It should represent the vision behind your brand, the reason why you do everything you do and how you want to inspire your customers.

You can start by writing down a list of words that might stand out for your brand, then turn them into small phrases. It’s crucial that you take your time and ask your team to join the initiative for a truly memorable result!


  1. Stay consistent

One of the things many new marketers overlook is consistency. What does this mean?

Your brand is very similar to a puzzle – and the main pieces are the brand name, logo and slogan. If you want to create a memorable business, these three pieces must fit perfectly and stay connected.

For some marketers, everything starts from their logo (a symbol, animal, plant or concept). For others, the main piece is the brand name and all the other elements are designed around it. Either way, once you figure out the most representative concept, idea or thing for your brand, choosing the right slogan will become much easier.


  1. Create a trigger

Our brain works by creating associations between the things we know and those we learn. This principle is exactly what helps people memorize things extremely easily.

And it can work wonders for your tagline.

When you’re using broad terms in your slogan like ‘So Good’ (KFC), they’re simple and easy to remember indeed. However, when you start using scenario-driven words, people will start remembering your brand in their day-to-day life.

Let’s take for example Skittles. Their main symbol is a rainbow and since their slogan is connected to the brand identity, their tagline is ‘Taste the rainbow.’

When you hear or read the Skittles slogan just a few times, it will be imprinted in your subconscious.

And every time you see a rainbow anywhere, you’ll think of Skittles. You’ll remember their brand and maybe even increase their sales or become a loyal customer – all thanks to the power of association.


Creating the right tagline is definitely not easy – and the only people who can tell whether you nailed it or not are your audience. In most cases, presenting a shortlist of slogans to your customers and asking their opinion can help you make the wisest decision.

For example, you can create a poll on your company’s Facebook group or just share it via Instagram stories. If you need additional help to manage social media strategies, here are our top steps to follow as a beginner.

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