5 Vlogging Techniques Every Startup Should Know About

We’ve already talked about video being the future of virtual marketing and how it’s already overcome other forms of content in social media. Now with the apparition of video-dedicated networks such as TikTok, it’s more and more obvious that we have to adapt to this change and integrate videos into our campaigns.

Now, one of the most popular niches of video content these days is definitely vlogging. Although many marketers still believe vlogging can’t be adapted to business accounts, this is actually one of the most valuable tools you’ve got.

Once you’ve mastered the basic techniques of business vlogging, you’ll start realizing just how accessible and convenient this strategy really is.

Today, we’ll go through 5 of the most recommended beginner steps for a successful start in the vlogging world.

The first thing you need? Quality.


  1. Go for high quality

Nowadays, even 10-year-olds can film high-quality videos using smartphones alone. Thanks to technological progress, a phone or a decent camera is more than enough to get started and start making clear, good-looking videos.

But quality isn’t just about the visual aspect. It’s also about the content you’re offering, which has to be educational, exciting, inspiring – in a word, memorable.

Sure, nailing all those qualities in one vlog will take time and experience. However, staying original is the first step in the right direction; watch what your competition is posting and try to follow the same route in a unique way!


  1. Stay consistent

Vlogging is one of the most effective tools for creating a loyal audience. However, in order to get there, you must post frequently and follow a pattern.

Of course, it’s nearly impossible for a small startup to vlog their experience daily due to lack of time or financial resources – and that’s fine. The essence of this advice is to create a schedule that works for you so your audience will know when to come back.


  1. Batch-create your content

Now we know that consistency is key for building a community around your vlog account. Just because you’re planning to post one video per week, it doesn’t mean you should actually create one video per week!

Depending on your niche and creativity, vlogging can take up plenty of resources such as owning a studio, going to certain places or gathering your entire team for the process. So if you’re going through all that effort, why not create multiple videos at once and just post them whenever you need?

Of course, batch-producing videos requires more planning on your side, but it’s definitely worth the effort in the long run.


  1. Promote it everywhere

Of all the types of content, video is definitely the most difficult to create.

Promote it right, though, and it can also be your most rewarding strategy.

Luckily, today’s social media platforms are all adapted to video content; just think about Instagram’s Reels or IGTV, Snapchat’s live short vlogs and Facebook videos.

If you have a long vlog, YouTube might be the first place where you want to post it. However, you can still use that vlog on Instagram by cutting short previews and posting them via Stories, for example.

In order to maximize the impact, make sure to improve the SEO for each post: hashtags, YouTube keywords, as well as clever descriptions for Google+ or Bing.


  1. Connect with other vloggers

In my post about influencer marketing (which you can read right here), I’ve talked about using this relatively new form of advertising for your benefit.

Now, since most influencers nowadays are vlogging too, you can create connections with them to get your own vlog recognized. This is a great strategy especially if you’re a beginner and try to broaden your audience.

I’m not just talking about paid ads here. I’m talking about finding vloggers that you truly respect and admire (who might admire you as well) and building a long-term relationship with them. Why?

Because you’ll learn from each other, you can grow together and you’ll prove your audience that you also have a loyal, trustworthy brand.


Tricky as it may seem at first, vlogging can offer you a wide range of benefits in the long run. Aside from learning new skills and meeting great people, this marketing tool can bring your team together like never before too.

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