3 Failproof Ways to Increase Your Newsletter Subscriber Rate

What’s the most important thing about a newsletter?

Whenever I ask this question, I get answers like ‘design,’ ‘title and headings’ or ‘recommended products.’

But how come there are so many people with powerful, flawless newsletters who just can’t increase their subscription rate? They have great content, responsive design and they deliver valuable information, so what’s going on?

Here’s the deal: some people are focusing so much on creating the perfect content that they’re overlooking the importance of timing, analyzing results and adapting their schedule depending on the newsletter impact.

Today’s experts will help us reveal 3 simple principles every marketer should take into account before starting a newsletter campaign. Although they’re extremely easy to apply, these techniques can increase your subscriber rate with minimal effort, so let’s check them out!


#1: Send follow-up e-mails

When you hit the ‘send’ button, you hope that people will read its content, right?

It may sound like basic math, but a concerning amount of marketers are focusing excessively on the click/open rate or their subscribers growth rather than the actual impact of each campaign.

In fact, making sure that people go through your newsletter content is your only real shot at increasing your subscriber rate organically.

One of the simplest tricks you can do is to re-send your newsletter to people who didn’t open it the last time, using a subject line like ‘This is what you missed!’

Why should you do it? Well, some people may have truly missed your e-mail, while others may have forgotten to read it. The only rule here is to re-send your newsletter only once to avoid becoming a spam machine.


#2: Promote specific content only

Note: this only applies to Facebook Ads

Although Facebook Ads has been around for quite a while now, many marketers still don’t know how they can maximize its potential.

If you want to increase your newsletter subscription rate, here’s a golden rule:

Start using Facebook Ads to share the top pieces of content on your website with newsletter subscription boxes inside the content – rather than a subscription ad.

Let’s put ourselves in our audience’s shoes. Which one would make you click faster: ‘Subscribe to our newsletter today!’ or ‘These 10 Free Techniques Can Lead to a 50% Increase in Income?’

Facebook users get so much content while scrolling that your ad must be catchy enough to get their attention within seconds. Introducing a newsletter subscription box or pop-up inside a valuable piece of content can be much more impressive at first sight than promoting the newsletter subscription service itself.


#3: Start cross-promoting your newsletter

Nowadays, we all receive so many emails daily that it may seem impossible to beat the competition.

But what if you joined them instead?

Cross-promotion means that you can work with other marketers to promote each other’s work with each newsletter campaign. Not only does this increase your subscription rate, but it’s also a free, accessible tool.

What do you need? Just a bit of time to research other marketers whose work you enjoy and contact them to see if they’re interested in cross-promotion – and you’re done!


These three golden tips are beneficial for both startups (which may not be able to invest as much in promoting their newsletters) and experienced content creators looking to upgrade their newsletter campaign strategy.

Which technique worked for you during your journey so far?

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