Content Writing: The Journey

Being a professional writer is one of the most demanding jobs on the market. While anyone might be tempted to believe that it’s only about creativity and artistic endeavors, it’s so much more than that. First and most importantly, reading something really well written has become a gem, as the internet is filled with various types of information. Good writing can be found in other areas as well, apart from fiction and journalism. Recently, the internet has contributed to the arising of a brand new writing career: content writing.

It all started when everyone came to the conclusion that the web is running on well-written content. If you think about it, we all aspire to consume quality content the minute we open our smartphones and computers, that kind of information that might spark something in our minds, or might put a smile on our faces, so much that we want to share with everybody else. What we read defines us, that’s why, with the help of Facebook and Twitter, what we read on the internet has become a part of our identity. It defines us.

So you can only imagine what impact quality content has on our lives. And starting from here, you can only imagine what level of knowledge and skills this type of job requires. Because, as we all know, someone hides behind those words we love so much. They’re not coming from an ethereal space. If you feel like you have a mind that fits this kind of purpose, you should abandon anything else and dedicate yourself to it. Because as far as we’re concerned, the world needs better writers.

What You Need In Order To Become a Great Content Writer

As a general rule, any type of job has a series of minimum requirements in order to get the job. If you want to become a content writer, here’s a list of basic tools, skills, and qualifications you need in order to start your career. Of course, passion is not included. We assume you already have that by default.


Basically, a job in content writing requires little to no equipment. Even so, there are some tools that you’ll need if you want to produce quality content:

  • A good computer – If Hemingway was still alive, he surely wouldn’t work without a computer. You can’t create online content today without one, no matter how much you’d try. Luckily, you don’t need anything too fancy or professional, you just have to make sure you have a computer with enough memory for your thoughts and ideas (apart from your mind!)
  • A comfortable keyboard & mouse – If you succeed in writing content for a living, you’ll see how much time you spend with your fingers on a keyboard. At some point, you see the importance of using a comfortable keyboard and mouse. The moment your ideas start flowing, you don’t want anything to stand in your way, not even a few extra clicks!
  • A reliable and secure internet connection – In a given situation where you write your work on an online platform, without any auto-save, you can lose all your work in a matter of seconds, if you don’t have a secure internet connection. It’s a risk you don’t want to take.
  • Google Docs and Microsoft Word – These word processors are two of the most used in this field. Because files from Google Docs sometimes contain problems when converted to the Microsoft Word format, it’s best to have both.
  • A professional email address – This applies to anything that relates to working online. Having a professional email address helps you stay organized, given the fact that most of the communication you’ll have with your clients is online-based.
  • A planning & calendar system that fits you – If your work is being appreciated, you’ll increase your portfolio of clients. So in order to work efficiently, you’ll need to keep track of everything in an organized manner.


  • Writing – This is the starting point. As mentioned before, not everyone can properly express themselves through writing, so if you have it, then it’s a “given”.
  • Flexibility – In time, you’ll have to collaborate with various clients on any number of projects. Not all of them will want the same thing from you, so you have to be flexible, in order to meet everybody’s needs.
  • Research – A good piece of content relies on proper research. Even if it’s only opinion-based, it has to be researched before. The better you get the facts, the more it will be appreciated.
  • WordPress – A third of the internet relies on WordPress, so learning how to use it will definitely come in handy later.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Google has a way of understanding what people like, and it’s very well done. Because well-optimized content brings traffic, meaning that more people will find your content and later on appreciate it, understanding the fundamentals of SEO is a must in this job.

How to get started: 

Once you’ve seen what you need in order to get it started, it’s time to start looking for clients.

First, you have to choose your niche. You can’t possibly be good at writing everything from the beginning, so in order to deliver the best possible content for your potential clients, you have to be honest and passionate about what you choose to write. Whether it’s science, politics, or social matters, by choosing a niche you allow yourself to become professional in a particular area of expertise, which will later be appreciated.

People will come to you because they’ll know you’re the best on the market for your political opinions, or because you have a gigantic knowledge when it comes to biology. Whatever it might be, there’s a place for it. If you don’t know what you’re passionate about now, you can always start off with writing product reviews, how-to articles, or product descriptions.

Then, you’ll need to build a portfolio. By choosing the right niche, you’ll start writing more and more articles. As a general rule, people are looking to hire someone who is experienced, no matter the field, so you’re more likely to get hired to write craft articles if you have already 40 DIY craft blog posts. Building your portfolio and getting people to see what you do is the best way to get clients. Also, you’ll have to make sure your work is reachable for everybody.

Also, networking is very important, because that’s how people can find out about you. There are many online websites with other professionals that are opened to discussion and socializing, so don’t hesitate to get yourself out there and meet more people from your niche. Also, by offering guest posts to websites and publications in related fields, you show your presence in this area. This kind of networking can help you spread out your name!

Becoming a professional content writer takes time and patience. But once you’re there, you’ll see how it was all worth it. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and remember that as long as you keep improving and remain dedicated, your words will spread faster like wildfire!


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