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6 Tips To Make Your Newsletter Stand Out

Newsletters are a creative and direct way to build a relationship with your subscribers. Now that we’ve become dependent on the Internet, social media, and technology, it makes sense that one of the ingenious tools of advertising would be the newsletter.

But one liability of the newsletter is the fact that in most businesses it doesn’t perform as it would be expected. If you think about it, how often do you open a newsletter and read the whole thing? Not so often, indeed.

Well, that can happen for many reasons. Here are some tips which will make you determine what’s missing from your newsletter and what you should improve:

1. Improve the subject

The first thing the subscriber sees in their inbox is the subject of the email and that’s where the title of the newsletter is. With that, you only have a few seconds to convince them to click on the email and build a relationship with them.

So what can you do to improve the subject? Well, first…

Be cryptic

Cryptic translates to curiosity, if you are making your audience curious then you have them engaged with your email and topic and will want to find out more. When you spark that question mark in their minds, they will go to the direct source and your online advertising would have succeeded.

Sentence it as a compelling question

Compelling questions also make the target engaged. Make a general interest type of question, that speaks to their curiosity. You can sentence it by starting with ”Did you know that…?”.

Be on time with the subjects

Respect the timeline by sending them trending topics, current news, and information. If it’s mid-November don’t send a newsletter regarding Halloween, it’s better to discuss Thanksgiving since it’s that time of year.

2. The design is everything

Besides the tile, the other aspect that will draw their attention is the color, images, and icons that you use in your newsletter.

Don’t be afraid to use colors

The colors have to be following the subject of the newsletter and they have to be mixed so that your audience will be satisfied looking at it.

Make it concise 

No one likes to waste their time so make your newsletter easy to read and have your main topics stand out so they wouldn’t have to waste time. Keep it short and easy to comprehend.

Make sure they can see it on their phones

Not everyone reads their emails on their laptop or PC anymore, Nowadays we have incredible accessible technology in our pockets so make sure it’s mobile-friendly, otherwise, the open-to-click rate will decrease significantly.

3. Make the newsletter easy and fast to read

One of the main reasons people don’t want to spend time reading newsletters is that they associate them with wasting time and it’s not easy to read most of the time. So, structure it wisely, have fewer paragraphs, use catchy and easy language, don’t make it longer than it has to be, and summarize your main point as long as possible.

4. Why don’t you try a video?

Creating and attaching a video that is easy to follow, fun and it’s also informative, will get your chances to engage the reader increasingly higher. It’s easier for the human mind to assimilate new information of any kind if it’s in a video format.

Consider summarizing the information, adding some relevant and catchy photos to it will make it perfect for your audience.

5. Try and be more interactive with them

Being more interactive with your audience will invite them to engage more with your brand and with the content that you are displaying.


Include a survey in your email or a poll, that way you can also identify some relevant KPI and extract marketing data regarding your audience.

Introduce interactive infographics

This will challenge the audience and make them engage with your company and product more.

6. Always put yourself in their shoes

Always ask yourself if you would be your target what kind of content would you like to receive and to what kind of things would you react and engage with? Always ask yourself:

Is this relevant for my target? Does it fit the demographic gap? Will this make them open and click? How can I win them over the competition?

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