Why A Constant Social Media Presence Is Important For Your Brand

Social media has become such an important staple in everyone’s lives, that if any marketer tells you not to bother with them you should definitely turn the other way. Almost all age groups are present in some way on social media, be it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter, on more than one or even on all of these platforms.

Due to the prevalence in which people use social media, it has become a really important tool in marketing. Your social media game can make or break your small business, and it can even bring you more awareness as a bigger brand. In order to do this, you will need to keep a consistent presence on all the platforms you use.

This is because, according to recent marketing studies, people are more likely to buy or use a product that they follow on social media because they see them constantly on their feeds. As a result, this will pique their interest and make them come back for more, creating a snowball effect of engagement.

Being consistent with your posts, to show what you offer no matter what your niche is, is the most important thing, but how do we do that? We will explain the four most important points in which to be consistent and how this will positively impact your brand.

1. Posting

It is said that you should strive to post daily on your social media platforms with relevant posts regarding your business and theme. If you only post sporadically when you remember, then you will not be able to reach any new viewers to gain more followers, and it is possible to lose the ones you already have. They will perceive it like you are not giving your all to the brand when you take weeks to post and if you are trying to sell them something, it will look like a cash grab.

However, we recommend you find a balance in when to post and what: too many posts can end up annoying your audience. Thus, instead of having the desired result of more engagement, site traffic, and followers which will build your audience and interact with your posts, you can end up annoying them. Depending on how big your platform is and on your audience, you should strive to post several times a week for good results.

2. Content

We have established that consistency in posting will start to create the snowball effect of gaining more recognition and attention to your business, but now we should also talk content. What you post is as important as how often, in order to make sure your following stays loyal. Your content needs to strive to be authentic and genuine, but also relevant to the times, and trustworthy: you cannot spread false information, even by accident.

One piece of advice regarding posting on Facebook is to stay creative with your posts and to also try to elicit a response. The goal is to organically draw people to your page and to your posts, to make them want to click on the link that takes them to your website. If your content is consistent in its nature, meaning it is interesting and obtains a response (be it positive or negative), then your audience will engage willingly and they will consistently engage with your content.

3. Aesthetics 

It may seem like everything is superficial these days, however, aesthetics play a very important role in how likely it is for a new reader to engage with your profile. The way the posts look and how visually appealing they are is just as important as the written content.

The images you use and the templates need to be in accordance with your page’s aesthetic and color palette, as well as the type of business you are running and the brand guideline. This will also help your readers easily recognize your brand.

Moreover, you need to consider the written aesthetic as well: posts that are too long run the risk of upsetting or boring your audience. The goal is to catch their attention so they interact with the post or are incentivized to visit your website. Therefore, keep your posts of a medium length and do not clutter them with hashtags.

4. Tone of Voice

Being consistent on social media will help you shape the tone of voice in posts and content. For this, you also need to be aware of who your audience is: if you are talking to a more mature audience, then the slang and speech mannerism of millennials will not work. You have to consider your content and the personality your brand has and follow the brand guideline as well.

Having a consistent tone of voice will help your audience easily recognize your posts, which will prompt them to interact with them more, but also help them identify with it. Thus you can create a loyal audience and be confident that your profiles will get the engagement they need to stay relevant. If you are not sure about the age of your audience, start by taking a look at the analytics of your website and social media platforms. The rest will follow from there.


Consistency in posting on social media is crucial in order to create both brand awareness, but also a relationship with your audience and potential customers. The more you strive to have a posting schedule with relevant texts and creative additions, that all have the same tone of voice and are aesthetically pleasing, the easier it will be to keep your followers engaged and interested, and also start the process of enlarging your audience.

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