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What’s New in Content Writing This Year?

With the influence of online space during the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more businesses are now operating online. This has led to stronger competition – everyone is online and wants to reach as many users as possible!

Well, this scenario has just opened the flood gate for many businesses in a new domain: content marketing. For example, the 2021 Content Marketing institute study showed that 43 percent of marketers noticed a budget increase in their content marketing efforts.

Even more, 66 percent anticipate this increase again. This leads us to the first hello of 2022: the massive change in consumer behavior created a shift in the content marketing world as we knew it. Let’s see what’s changed:

Quality and relevance make content no. 1

As we all know, Google ranks pages depending on the user experience they provide. Well, as a part of its recent Core Web Vitals update, Google has once again raised the bar for content writers, meaning that they won’t simply have to publish sub-par content and still expect a ranking boost. From now on, Google will be ranking content that displays the following:

  • Expertise – You need to show through your content that you’re an expert in what you’re doing.
  • Authoritativeness – Your content should portray you as an industry authority. You can achieve that by introducing internal links to applicable topics, semantic keywords, and developing case studies.
  • Trust – Try sticking to a consistent tone of voice and research reports to substantiate your content.

Personalized content? Let’s personalize it even more

Our customers are extremely intelligent – people won’t be swayed anymore by generic “off-the-shelf” content. An ingenious content writer will have to create a one-on-one connection with every piece of written content.

There’s a Forrester report that says how 92 percent of marketers have noticed an increase in personalized marketing. So 2022, bring it on!

The content becomes niche for brands

The majority of the content assets that have been published cover a small amount of chosen topics. This means that readers wish to read something new, something refreshing.

This is where niche content comes in as a hero in disguise and saves the situation. You can understand niche content creation by knowing three key aspects:

  • It depends on the well-performing product/service that the brand offers
  • It depends on well-written content that has an original spin on its narrative
  • It depends on the use of long-tail keywords that target searchers in need of specific things, that can be met by what the niche segment is offering

These 3 always work well together, if it is to talk about good quality content. Such marketing assets need to be original. That is mainly because the customers will get to read a type of content that marketers will not have covered elsewhere.

Diversified content will be rising

From now on, to only have one type of content won’t be enough. It’s mandatory that you upgrade your game in your content creation process! It’s time we move beyond blogs and articles, and initiate another form of content! Don’t be scared, it isn’t as complex as it sounds. All you need is to get a bit more creative and expand your coverage as much as possible.

The focus will be on written content

Yes, videos and images will be a lot more helpful when it comes to Snapchat and Instagram, but it’s the content writing that will drive more traction in SEO and content marketing campaigns. One advantage of content writing is that it can combine keyword-rich and compelling narratives.

High-quality content impresses readers and prompts Google to elevate rankings. Even more, research shows that blogs and articles with less than 3000 words were the most frequently created content assets.


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