How To Choose the Ideal Social Media Influencer for Your Brand

So, I think it’s safe to say that the latest and most famously controversial career is the one of an influencer. When did it all start and from where? How does it work? Can anyone be an influencer, or is it that it isn’t as easy as it seems?

All we know is that being a social media influencer has become an extremely powerful weapon in the digital marketing strategy process. It brings quick sales conversions, increases brand visibility A LOT, and most importantly, drives genuine engagement for the company.

Seriously now, it’s only a win-win situation. While we can’t help but wonder how it works exactly, make sure you don’t lose too much time wondering and consider working with an influencer for your brand strategy. Why? First, you’d be a fool NOT to consider it, and secondly, find out here:

An influencer targets your audience

The best way to successfully reach your audience is to work with an influencer. If you want your work to get to the right people, an influencer will simplify the process for you. And if your product is addressed to multiple demographics, you might have to work with more than just one social media influencer. But first, focus on your top-selling consumer base.

An influencer will teach you things about your target audience’s interests, who they follow, and which social media platforms they prefer

So, let’s say you have determined the portrait of your ideal consumer. Now, you should do an analysis of what interests this person. This way, you can choose an influencer that can be effective and relevant to your product and your brand. It’s also worth knowing which social media platforms your demographic group uses the most, in order to decide who you’re going to work with.

Also, make sure you set your budget for your social media strategy. By doing so, you will know exactly which types of influencers you can afford and how often you can collaborate with them. While it is true that expensive influencers can bring incredible results to your brand, their cost might be ineffective for your strategy.

What type of social media influencer does your brand need?

Once you have decided on what your social media strategy will look like, let’s talk about finding the perfect influencer for your plans! If you don’t know much about how they get their work done, you should watch out for a couple of red flags. These are some factors that will help you understand if the influencer’s followings are actually real, loyal, and socially engaged.

  • Follower count – It represents the number of people that are currently following an influencer’s social media updates. You can easily find it on users’ profiles all over social media platforms. If you set your eyes on an influencer with great content, but with few followers, you should know that your promotion won’t be as visible and won’t help your brand as much.
  • Engagement – Truth to be told, likes, comments, and shares are a very strong indication that an influencer has a genuine and loyal fanbase and that they have a real influence on people. An influencer that has a massive audience but very little engagement won’t bring the same results to the table. It also might show that their followers are actually bought, and neither of these situations is something that you want to get involved with.
  • Values – Let’s be honest, if we don’t work with people who share the same values as we do, then working with them will be extremely difficult and tedious.
  • Overexposure – Try avoiding sponsorship spammers. There are many influencers who already have so many partnerships, that they’re definitely at risk of creating sponsorship saturation. In these situations, the advertisement doesn’t even resonate with the audience anymore.

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