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Ad World 2022 – Here’s Our Experience

We love marketing, and we also love advertising. We’re constantly looking for innovative ways to improve our content and make our subscribers happier with the things we provide. So, as you can imagine, we were thrilled when the tickets for Ad World 2022 became available. Some people like to install a Christmas countdown on their smartphones, but we prefer to use marketing event countdowns instead.

Speaking of that, we truly enjoyed our experience at Ad World 2022, and if you want to know more about the things we’ve discovered and what we’ve learned, you should keep reading.

So what exactly is Ad World?

This event is one of the biggest online conferences for digital marketers and people who work in advertising or any other related field. Ad World is a conference that brings together all the experts and pros, who share their best tips and also the experiences they have had during their careers, both good and bad.

This event streams Digital Advertising Tracks over the course of 2 days, and attendees can participate in panels, speeches, and live Q&A sessions. All the activities provided by them are extremely focused on helping you grow your business. The top 20,000+ brains in advertising and marketing from all over the world will come together to network, study, and share their secrets.

Each day, the events are divided into 3 stages that run simultaneously so that each attendee can choose to watch the presentations that are suitable for their brands and goals.

DAY 1 

The first day of the conference took place on October 11th and was all about the future of advertising: TikTok Mastery, Media Buying, Content Marketing, Ecommerce, The Metaverse & Web 3.0, Brand Building, Advertising Agencies, and Lead Generation. When we saw the schedule, we thought that everything was important and necessary to know, so it took us a while to choose the ones that were the most relevant to us.

Let us tell you that the speakers didn’t disappoint! Their presentations were straight to the point, clear, and full of information and relevant examples. It didn’t come as a surprise to us when we noticed that the first guest was Seth Godin, a fantastic author who has written 18 books that have been bestsellers across the world. Given the fact that a recession might be upon us, we were happy to learn all the tips and tricks Mr. Godin shared about marketing principles that will last forever.

We’ve been working in the marketing industry for a good couple of years now, but the learning process never stops. As we’ve previously said, we’re always looking for the latest trends and changes that the industry and the public/consumers go through, so the presentations, based on the social media platforms that are in at the moment, were a gold mine for us.


The second day of the event focused on Media Buying, Design and Optimization, Brand Building, Content Marketing, and marketing through SMS and Email. Even though the topics were relatively the same, the information provided by the speakers was different but just as useful. We decided to focus on tips on how to make our content better and how to use social media more effectively. That’s because whatever you do, social platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram are only one click away, so they shouldn’t be neglected by anyone who’s working in marketing or wants to start an online business.

Each panel we watched gave us a different point of view and new ideas that we can add to our daily tasks in order to take our jobs to the next level.


Ad World 2022 was a new experience for us, and we enjoyed watching all the experts in this area share their knowledge and tips. Whether they’ve just started or already have a lot of experience, everyone’s journey is different, and it’s interesting to know the things they’ve discovered along the way. They might offer you a different perspective or give you the right tools for growing your business the way you want it to.

We really enjoyed these 2 days. As other people say, Ad World is like 7 events in one. One of the most important pieces of info we received was how to improve our content regardless of the changes in society. This is extremely helpful, especially when the world changes faster than we could ever imagine. We will end our story by saying this: the thing we liked the most is that all the tips and tricks we’ve discovered can be used right away.

…Ad World, we will meet again in 2023! 

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