We Went to Web Summit 2022

Last week, we’ve had the chance to participate in one of the biggest and most relevant events of the year: Web Summit 2022. The event took place in Lisbon, with more than 50k enthusiastic attendees that came to get in touch with the latest tech innovations and brand-new companies and start-ups.

Of course, since the summit was in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it was a week that simply HAD IT ALL: amazing interactions, innovative ideas on a plate, stunning attractions, and, of course, a breath-taking culture that impressed us every step of the way. In other words, we struggled to retain our heads from spinning in every single direction: from mouth-watering food to creative CEOs and ground-breaking ideas. It’s fine, we mingled pretty well with everything.

Apart from the experience, we also managed to come back with an impressive portfolio of start-ups, including Eleven Labs, Creator.ai, ChatPlace, ZeBrand, Tomi.ai, The Content Engine, Statusbrew, reader.id, and Popup. Trust me, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Among some of the most interesting speakers, we had the chance to hear Nick Thompson, the CEO of The Atlantic (and my personal favorite), Natasha Chetiyawardana, Co-founder and Creative Partner of Venture Building, Sir Martin Sorrell, the CEO of S4 Capital, Brad Smith from Microsoft, and the list continues.

We’ve managed to get in contact with all sorts of social, environmental, and technological matters, out of which we learned new ways of enhancing our business. We’ve also got a better understanding of the importance of social media in our lives, and how far it can take us if we’re willing to grow and expand along with it.

As Nick Thompson said in one of his conversations, making content has never been easier, so we need to find new ways to add more value to it and come up with the best information we can find. Other than that, the lessons are never-ending, but we figured it would be more valuable to show you WHAT we’ve learned, rather than just mention it.

What can I say? We have plenty of exciting and creative projects coming up, so we can’t help but wonder how everything will turn out.

Web Summit, thank you for a life-changing experience, thank you for setting up the proper environment for these ingenious new ideas, and thank you for opening our minds, once again! See you next year!

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