3 Statistics Showing How Much Social Media Impacts Your Brand

If you were to ask a marketer how important social media platforms are businesswise, they’d probably reply ‘it’s not your main concern.’ However, the virtual universe has exploded since and in 2021 social media can make or break any brand (especially startups).

Regardless of your domain of activity or your revenue goals, staying active on major social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and even the latest giant TikTok should be a primary focus in your marketing strategy.

Don’t believe me? Well, today we’re going to let numbers speak by showing some of the most important statistics regarding the social media impact on a business. While we’re here, we’ll also reveal some key strategies to upgrade your social media plans to create a loyal community that increases your sale numbers with minimal effort.


  1. 56% of marketers get to know their audience using social data

Finding the right audience for your brand may seem tricky at first. Of course, you can get a general idea by looking at the competition, but it still doesn’t give you any certainty that the same audience will be interested in your brand too.

According to recent studies from SproutSocial, more than half of marketers are using insight data from their social media platforms to figure out the age, demographics and other preferences their followers have. And since knowledge is power, the more you know about your audience, the faster you can adapt your content and social campaigns to match their interests.


  1. Marketers and consumers think that creativity matters most

Having paid campaigns that automatically select your audience is okay. Scheduling simple social media posts with quotes or other impersonal photos is okay.

But do you know what really makes you brand stand out from the crowd?


According to SproutSocial statistics, social media users appreciate creativity more than anything when it comes to the brands they follow. More precisely, 68% of the consumers look at static images more and another 50% want to engage with video content. But how can you get creative when there’s so much competition around?

The simplest way is to just start sharing personal experiences such as the manufacturing process of your products, getting to meet your team members or special insights featured in live video sessions. Depending on the platform you use, you can use features like Reels, IGTV or stories to share limited promotions or special tips and tricks that can educate and entertain your followers.


  1. 89% of users would buy from a brand they follow on social media platforms

…and that should say a lot. Many business owners look at social media as a way of making a name for themselves without realizing the real value of this tool: creating long-term connections and creating a loyal base of customers.

According to SproutSocial statistics, 84% of social media users say they would choose a brand they follow as opposed to a competitor they don’t look up to.


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