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How Influencer Marketing Works (and Why You Should Try It in 2021)

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the term ‘influencer’ explode in popularity as more and more virtual users (and marketers) became aware of its incredible marketing power. In 2021, influencer marketing is a real marketing tool treated as seriously as possible by more and more business giants from around the globe.

Whether you like the idea of influencers or not, it’s your job as a marketer to start looking into this strategy as it can help you create a loyal base of customers with minimal effort. How?

It all comes down to product recommendation. When a person you trust and respect recommends you a brand, you automatically trust that service or product, right? The same principle applies to influencer marketing: you as a brand ask influencers to share your services with their virtual audience and they bring you new customers through their recommendations.


How does it work?

According to Tim Sovay, chief operating officer of CreatorIQ, ‘as the industry evolves we’re moving away from what was Influencer Marketing 1.0 which was really a transactional relationship between brands and the creators they worked with on one-off campaigns.’

Today, more and more brands want to invest in long-term partnerships with virtual influencers to promote loyalty and stability – two crucial qualities every marketer needs to increase their revenue.

However, note that in these partnerships the creator (the influencer) is the one deciding which brands to work with based on their audience and their interests. In other words, it may happen for the influencers you’d like to have a collaboration with to just not have the right audience for your brand’s services.

That’s perfectly fine.

As a growing business, influencer marketing flourishes everyday with more and more content creators looking for brand collaborations. Therefore, regardless of your domain of activity, you can always find the right creators to make your business known to the right audience.


TikTok, a top influencer marketing tool

These days, more and more brands are desperately trying to attract new Generation Z customers, since they’re more prone to virtual shopping than their older peers. However, this group is also more difficult to reach because they rarely watch TV – which automatically cuts a large portion of marketing techniques normally used.

Generation Z is also noticeably more pretentious when investing in a brand’s services or products; they appreciate brand authenticity and creativity considerably more than millennials, for example. This particularity has been standing out especially since giant social media platform TikTok gained popularity. How?

Well, the main principle behind TikTok is that it organically promotes videos most likely to go viral; this has led to an explosion of influencers who create original, engaging video content – which is exactly what the Gen Z enjoys looking at the most.

Therefore, if you want to get to Generation Z and you think they’re the right audience for your brand, reaching out to influencers with this type of audience can skyrocket your virtual popularity easily.


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